Supernatural and Paranormal Interest, Research and Investigation Team (SPIRIT) Norwich

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Welcome to the SPIRIT Norwich page!  We a friendly and professional team of experienced paranormal investigators based in Norwich, UK and we will travel all over the Country to investigate the paranormal

If you would like a free of charge investigation of your property please contact us using the link at the top of this page. 

Our goal is to investigate claims of paranormal activity to let you know what is normal and what is not.  In 99% of cases there is a very normal explanation for whatever activity you are experiencing.  We have helped numerous people with the fear that they are living in a haunted property so don’t be afraid any longer.  Let us help you!

Do you have a strange picture that you would like an opinion of?  Do you have a question that you would like answered by an experienced investigator?  Please contact us, we will always reply and try to help you.  No question is stupid and you will never be laughed at.  We have seen 100’s of photos over the years and can quickly tell you whether we think it is paranormal. 

Nothing will surprise us, we’ve heard some very unusual stories over the years and we always treat each new case with the respect it deserves.  The paranormal world is not like it is on TV.  We won’t run screaming around your house.  We won’t try to aggravate anything that MIGHT be there.  We won’t bring Ouija boards or other things that can be easily manipulated.  We are a serious group with a serious desire to help you and in the very small amount of cases that have a paranormal outcome, to help the spirits that are trapped. 

All of our investigations are completely confidential.  We will never name you or your business and don’t offer our reports on our website for others to read.  That being said, we have done some high profile investigations with the media and on these occasions the client wanted the publicity.  This can be catered for if required.

Our Paranormal investigators have investigated many private residences, public houses, cinemas, shopping malls, hotels, derelict property, village halls, holiday camps, ruins, haunted pathways and historic / heritage sites within Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and beyond. 

We are always willing to work with other Paranormal groups, either for joint investigations, research or simply discussion so please get in touch if you would like to work with us. 

SPIRIT Norwich are working with our friends at Out There Paranormal Investigations on a number of projects.

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What can you expect from an investigation?

We are a small group so you won’t suddenly have an army of investigators turn up on your doorstep.  If your property is very small or very large, we can tailor the investigation to suit you.

We don’t bring loads of equipment.  We have some essential items to record EMF reading, temperature and humidity plus we will record sounds with digital dictaphones and images with night visions camcorders.  No Ouija boards, no nonsense.

We can tailor the investigation duration to your needs.  Normally we would conduct a preliminary investigation in which we will meet you, discuss what help you need, establish an understanding of your property and then arrange a mutually convenient time to conduct a full investigation.  The full investigation will normally last around 2-3 hours depending on the size of your property.  If your property is particularly large or active, then a second visit may be required.  This will be discussed with you at the time of the preliminary investigation so you know what to expect.

We would ask that as few people as possible are on site for the investigation itself.  This helps us to identify any activity and discount noises heard etc.

We don’t ever expect this to be a scary experience for you.  All of our investigations are conducted with respect for the occupants and our surroundings.  We are not there to scare anyone, just to help you understand what you are experiencing.dancing alien

We don't just investigate haunted houses - we are interested in all areas of the paranormal world so please get in touch if you want to share your experiences.  Ghosts, UFO's or crytozoology all fascinate us and we investigate using paraphycology methods, sceptical scientific approaches and a participant-observer approach.  We also conduct research into historical investigation methods and techniques used.

Any questions?  Please contact us using the link at the top of our page.  We WILL help you and we will ALWAYS respond.